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Eii Insurance

8081 Shaffer Pkwy #2
Littleton, CO 80127

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 Insurance Support -Simplifying HR

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ColoradoCare - the Single Payer Health Care Initiative
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Ballot Measure 69 - Get the Facts!
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Eii Insurance
is an independent licensed insurance agency brokering group and individual insurance products. With a combined 30+ years in the business, Eii can educate and advise in most lines of coverage. Our office is there to aid groups with understanding the complexity of today's market, enrollment and human resource administration. This service distinguishes us from other agencies.

Russ Dorfler with Eii Insurance is a certified broker with Connect for Healthcare (C4HC) the Colorado State Health Insurance Exchange. We are able to evaluate carriers in and out of the Exchange/Marketplace including but not limited to: Anthem, Cigna, Key Healthy Partners, Humana, Kaiser, and United HealthCare. This enables Eii Insurance to present insurance carriers side by side in a cohesive manner, enabling a straightforward and competitive annual review.