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Eii Insurance

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Welcome to the Eii Guest page for prospective clients to view our services.

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This site is used as an example of what a quote sheet will look like.
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 Eii can customize quotes to fit your groups Needs. Quotes can be altered and adjusted to show different carriers and plan types.

After a carrier is chosen - a folder can be set up for eligible employees to be granted access to where they can get your group's insurance info and enrollment forms. 
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Below is a Document Library for Acme Hardware Insurance Info.
Summary of benefits, plan designs and enrollment form(s) are available 24/7 for eligible enrollees to view, download and return completed enrollment forms back to us.
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Acme Hardware: Insurance Plans, Summary and Rates:
Acme Info Letter
Ins. Summary and Rates
RCI Plan Desgin 3000-100%Nexstep Supplemental Brochure
Delta Dental Plan Design
Acme Hardware: Enrollment Forms
Medical Enrollment  form
Delta Dental Enrollment Form
Nextstep Enrollment Form
Nextstep Claim Form